Marvel Avengers Academy Guide and Tips

Occasionally even Earth’s mightiest heroes must buckle down and hit the books. In an alternative MARVEL universe, Director Fury has stepped up to fight the growing (although somewhat teenage) Hydra hazard by opening up a school for superheroes – and loud young Tony Stark is one of the first children through the gates. Nick Fury never shows all his cards though, and it is part of your occupation to get the real story behind your new campus that is superb as well.

Astonishingly enjoyment, MARVEL Avengers Academy, TinyCo’s latest mobile game for Android and iOS offers brassy cinematics, adorably overblown character interactions, and boasts a star-studded cast for the voice work including names like John Cena (Hulk), Colton Haynes (Thor), Priyanka Chopra (Ms. Marvel), and Alison Brie (Black Widow).

Here are some things to understand before you actually begin.

It is about time management.
Prioritize the quests (blue squares). Every actions your heroes make demands another period of time, so it’s better if you use your time to focus on the important things first. Don’t tie your characters up in worthless actions that will tie up that character for a specified amount of time, and are not crucial for finishing an aim because it won’t yield you any additional benefits.

You’ll find the other non-story quests on the Mission Board (as seen above — get it by tapping the bottom-left corner of the primary display). These quests will be white for characters you’re not currently using in other actions. Complete these for pieces and extra credits. They come in three grades: simple, normal, and epic. The tiers give you an idea how long they will take to finish, and how much loot you are going to get at the end.

Some things you ought to know about the Missions Board:

If the character portrait is clear, the character you should delegate to that job is accessible.
If they have already finished the job, you will see a green check in the corner. (Note: Some actions which you delegate for a quest mission are additionally required for non-narrative missions – doing it once will finish it for both.)

Get on 48upper and use Marvel avengers academy hack and cheats for unlimited shards and gold. You’ll see a yellow minus symbol in the corner of their portrait if they are already assigned to another activity.
Their portraits will change back and forth to reveal both characters that are crucial in order to finish an action if you need two heroes.
The building they need to perform the activity in is in use, although there will be times where is accessible. If Spider Woman needs target practice for 3 minutes and Iron Man desires it for 40, it is likely a better idea to let the lady go.

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Innovate or Play it Safe

While gamers are screaming for innovative games that not only push the hardware in regards to performance, they are also clambering for new gameplay mechanics and storytelling techniques. To be honest that aint a bad stick to swing, but what does history tell us about the industry journeying into uncharted waters?


EA’s Mirror’s Edge one of the most innovative First Person view games to hit the market in recent years sold a measly 3 million copies worldwide! Tim Schafer’s Brutal Legand (also EA) sold less than 2 Million worldwide despite having one of pop culture’s superstars Jack Black voice act the protagonist! Bethesda’s Brink, the Parkour first person shooter barely broke 1 million worldwide and the list goes on. I used these three games because they not only innovated in the execution, but they also reviewed well. What does this tell us? Well, even if an innovative game delivers a solid gaming experience, it is still a dice roll in regards to how well it does in the sales department. So while Portal2, Skylanders and Journey may come along innovate and sell like gangbusters. From a publishers perspective it’s just a safer bet to go with what works!

So what’s the problem?

The gaming industry is innovating, so perhaps it is us gamers who aren’t interested in their innovations. Are we too busy wondering around the vast wasteland that Bethesda gave us, or collecting head shots in Activision’s most recent run and gunner to find the time to appreciate the industries hidden gems? I have to admit, in 2011 I finished 50% of the games that I purchased, and that is a pretty fair estimate. How did you do?

When I heard the announcement of COD Black Ops2, I didn’t even bother to look at the trailer before I jumped on the “Activision is raping the industry bandwagon!” On closer inspection though, I realized that although what Activision is doing with the series isn’t groundbreaking or anything, it is moving the series out of the cookie cutter military shooter genre. It’s a safe innovation at best; an existential risk that I believe will pay off in the long run. I believe that innovations like these are more of what we will see going forward. Conceptual models where games spin off of more successful franchises similar to Ubisoft’s Assassins Creed 3 and Konami’s Metal Gear Rising: Revengance (I will never get used to that title) is as innovative as triple A titles are likely to get in this economy. These games basically tell us “yeah the story is done, but let’s take a look at some more interesting aspects of this universe.” The question is, is that good enough for today’s gamer

And yes, we will have those absolutely innovative games, but when considering the average 40 Million bucks that go into the average heavy hitter, I doubt if we will see many major publishers getting behind full blown $60 games that dare to be different. Splosion Man, Journey and Costume Quest are a few that come to mind in regards to where I think innovation will live.


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PlayStation Home’s Top Ten Sales

It’s our pleasure to give you PlayStation®Home’s top ten sales for the month of February, 2016.For the second straight month in a row, the top three items remain in the same exact position. It’s interesting to me that more Home users are preferring to purchase digital credits as opposed to private estates. Which subsequently, not one Private Estate managed to break into the top ten last month. I find that odd with all of the great choices that are out there, especially the LOOT Space Apartment. With what that space offers and the addition of 45 free items, I don’t understand how this space isn’t making it on the list each month. As soon as you’re done reading this article log into Home and if you haven’t purchased it yet I suggest doing so. It’s definitely worth the price. Needless to say, with the release of the French Chateau, Mt. Olympus space, and the three new Private Estates/Clubhouses we are bound to see at least one of these sliding into one of the top ten slots in March.
Digital Leisure is still holding strong, although the “Golden VIP Top Hat” was bumped out of it’s spot. February also showed us that people weren’t hesitant to start buying more clothes or items for their avatars. With the “Pop Diva Shoes”, “Check Black Shirt with Tattoo”, and “The Stick Up Kid Gold Guns and Tie” making the cut this time around. Since Valentine’s Day was last month I wasn’t shocked to see that the Lockwood token packs in the amount of 80 and 480 did so well. People were sending gifts to their sweethearts! I also wasn’t surprised that two of SCEA’s different themed 100 item Super Bundle were on the list. I feel like at least one of these 100 item bundles will continue to sell at a high rate. Inherently people want to make sure that they are getting the most “bang for their buck”. 100 items at the price point of $1.00 for those that already own certain items and spaces, or even $5.00 for those that don’t, is definitely a steal. Naturally people are going to gravitate towards those types of deals.

Here are the top ten:

  • SCEA: Pop Diva Shoes (Female)
  • SCEA: Check Black Shirt and Tattoo (Male)
  • SCEA: The Stick Up Kid Gold Guns and Tie
  • Digital Leisure Inc.: 5,000 Chips
  • SCEA: 100 Furniture Items Super Bundle
  • SCEA: 100 Vacation- Themed Items Super Bundle
  • Lockwood Publishing: Lockwood Token Pack – 480
  • Mass Media Inc.: The Green Ticket
  • Lockwood Publishing: Lockwood Token Pack – 80
  • Digital Leisure Inc.: 500 Chips
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God of War Ascension – Full game review

God of War Ascension is an opinion post, as such the views expressed here are not representative of Gamer Indepth, any of its partners, any of its staff or fans. The opinions and thoughts expressed here are solely those of the author.

Oh boy you see that? That’s the Jim rant disclaimer! That means things are gonna get good! This post is actually 1 part news, 1 part rant so lets get the news out of the way first. A while ago Sony teased a game on their Facebook that had the distinct smell of God of War, and as it turns out this was correct, the game is now fully announced and titled God of War Ascension. This is not God of War IV, rather a prequel to Kratos being the Ghost of Sparta (similar to the PSP prequels). The game is in every way a proper God of War game, it will be on the PS3 and is being developed by Sony Santa Monica. This ends the news segment, time for some opinion!


First things first, I love the God of War franchise. Like I really love it. The combat, the mechanics, all great however what I love most is the Greek Mythological setting. Greek Mythology is one of the greatest stories (or group of stories) ever told in the history of mankind, its why these stories continue to be told and why they are still such fun to hear.  You could never ask for a better universe for a game. So why am I saddened by the next game, its the same reason I hated Assassins Creed Revelations, its (one) of the reasons I hate Call of Duty, its blatant greed and running a franchise into the ground.

Sony Sana Monica is one of the most talented game development teams out there, they know their stuff and Sony has used them to great effect on many tittles. I want you right now to open this link and read the games they have made. It looks like a whole bunch right? Now I want you to find the ones with “Internally developed” next to it, this means this was a game the team did themselves not just helped or offered advice on. All of a sudden its not so many games is it? In fact it is only the God of War games.

Think about that.

This super talented studio has only been able to work on a single franchise for over 11 years. I don’t know about you but i would be really sick of any franchise if it was all I got to make for 11 years. In that same time frame Naughty Dog has made the entire Jak and Daxter series (Jak 1 released in 2001 the same year as God of War), Uncharted 1, 2 & 3 and announced The Last of Us. That is three different franchises. Of course some of this is subjective, Naughty Dog employs 170+ people after all, but the point remains they showed they could make new games outside of their old work and they would be just as good, hell Uncharted is a flagship for the PlayStation.

Sana Monica wants to do something new, they have said as much during interviews, but Sony doesn’t want the gravy train and the IP that is God of War to do anything but print money. This is the kind of thing that I hate, and its not a good feeling to know that even Sony is willing to run a franchise as good as God of War into the ground in the name of sales. Games should not be about the bottom line, they should be something the developers create because they want to do it, it should be something they produce as a labor of love for their fans. This is how the best games are made, and because they are the best they will take care of the bottom line as well.

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Tom Clancy’s – Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege isn’t just exploding through the door of FPS convention and blasting the competition away with its snazzy physics, but it’s got the opportunity to bring the series back to its roots. When the original Tom Clancy’s RainbowSix debuted in 1998, machismo-laced brawny shooters like id Software’s Doom and Quake dominated the genre. It was a time where twitch reflexes and a speedy trigger-finger took precedence over careful strategy and teamwork. But Rainbow Six changed all that. Suddenly careful planning and communication were tantamount to success, and, crucially, charging into battle lone wolf-style was more likely to take you out of the game than secure an earlymatch lead. The No Respawn rule was the reason that game had such lethality and tension and it is one of the defining choices that shaped the development of the latest sequel in the franchise, Rainbow Six Siege. “It was a surprisingly good change and we didn’t think it was going to work,” says game designer and former SOCOM developer Chris Lee, on the game’s official blog. “I thought that only the most hard-core players would like it. It turned out that it really opened up the game to many different types of players.” What it did was establish the three core pillars that underpinned the gaming experience: teamwork, tactics and tension.

Rainbow Six Siege
For months, Ubisoft Montreal had a more traditional respawn system put in place and found during internal tournaments that not only were the same few players crowned victorious time and time again, but also they weren’t playing as a team. Once the No Respawn rule was instigated (or the One Life system as it’s referred to internally at the studio) it required a completely different mindset and shifted the emphasis away from twitch reflexes. “The developers who were longtime FPS players initially found it difficult because they were only good at reaction time,” continues Lee. “They weren’t
communicating, playing tactically, or thinking about the consequences. Their K/D ratio was high before, but after introducing One Life, they stopped thinking about K/D ratios and more about how each player could work together for the win.
“Developers who weren’t as good before played slower, thought carefully about the situation, and ended up doing better on the leaderboard. Because One Life rewards this kind of behaviour, it puts well-rounded players at an advantage over pure run and gunners, which is what the Tom Clancy franchise is all about. They utilise a complete skill set and the rest of the development team really liked that, since going back to its roots is what we wanted to do and the rule stuck. It wasn’t something we predicted, and we were really happy with how it turned out.”
Of course, it’s not a new concept. Counter-Strike has utilised the model for several years, and there are various modes in popular console first-person shooters that also adopt it for more tactical playstyles. But there’s a reason why it hasn’t become the predominant game type and that’s because it presents an inherent problem: what do you do once you’re dead? If your operator has been taken out of the round in other games you’re turned into a pectator, spending a lot of minutes waiting to get back into the action. Who has the patience for that these days?

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Killing Batman – It’s the end of Batman as a new evil rises

Batman can never die. We’re aware that contradicts our title somewhat, but the simple truth is that the Caped Crusader is an eternal figure cemented in pop culture perpetuity, destined to endure various guises and become reinterpreted by a diversity of artists in the years to come. But for Rocksteady, his time is well and truly over. Batman: Arkham Knight is the final chapter in the Arkham trilogy that the British studio first started back in 2009, putting the developer on the map and reigniting interest in the virtual crime-fighting of the world’s greatest detective. It took a fresh approach both to the licensed game and the superhero genre, enclosing Batman in the narrow confines of Arkham

batman banner

Asylum and relied on players utilising his problemsolving skills as much as it did his ability to smash goons all up in the face. Rocksteady always intended it to be a three-parter but mapping the road leading to the conclusion of its Arkham saga wasn’t quite as straightforward as you’d expect. “Ever since Batman: Arkham Asylum, our approach has been to put everything we have into every game we make,” game director Sefton Hill tells X-ONE. “We never hold ideas back because you never know what’s around the corner. So I guess you could describe that as a ‘kitchen sink’ approach but I’d prefer to say it’s more.

Inside the BatMobile

“At the back of my mind was always the thought of introducing the iconic Batmobile at some point but, to be completely honest, at the start we did consider whether we actually needed it,” admits game director Sefton Hill. “I mean, gliding around in Arkham City was great fun so why bother with a car? But when you try it, you’ll see what a difference it makes. I am probably most proud of howwe have managed to integrate the Batmobile into all of the core systems of the game, improving all of the components that made it fun in the first place. When I play the game now, I wonder howwe ever did without it.”

Indeed, it adds a whole new dimension to the Arkham series. In Arkham Knight, Gotham has been expanded to five times the size of its previous incarnation in Arkham City and as such requires a speedier form of traversal to cover the mass of land available. The world itself isn’t the only thing that has been tooled specifically to facilitate driving around at breakneck speed – with structures crumbling at the lightest bump and pedestrians cleared away by a light electric jolt – but missions too. We’ve seen some of the revamped Riddler Challenge missions available, which involve the Batmobile hurtling through endless tunnels beneath Gotham, avoiding traps and obstacles that could send Batman tumbling into the abyss.

Not only that, but it’s equipped for a fight. Entering the vehicle’s secondary Battle Mode engages a Vulcan gun and various other weapons that can take out drones and heavily-armed vehicles. It can also be controlled remotely to help with various puzzle-solving missions set around the city. “The symbiosis between man and machine is a vital aspect of Batman: Arkham Knight,” says Hill. “Batman and the Batmobile enhance each other’s abilities in a wide range of ways, and they interact in a way that makes the Batmobile feel like another playable character. It’s a totally iconic vehicle, but it’s also Batman’s most powerful and versatile gadget. From a gameplay perspective, we’ve worked hard to ensure that the Batmobile opens up a massive variety of new things to do, whether it’s in combat, exploration, navigation or problem solving.We want it to feel unlike any other vehicle that’s ever been in a game, and like an extension of the Dark Knight himself.”

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